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Impact Open 2019 

Impact Open Competition
20th of October , 19:00
SW11 5AD, Burns Rd, Battersea, London SW11 5AD, UK

Date: 2nd of March 
Address: University of Brighton Sports
Brighton BN1 9SG

English Open - 2 Days - 16th & 17th March 2019
Guildford Spectrum Parkway
GU1 1U

Scottish Open - Saturday 18th May 2019
Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility 
1 O’Donnell Way 
ML1 2TZ* 
*If this Postcode does not work in your satnav please use ML1 2TX

London Open - Sunday 7th July 2019
Guildford Spectrum Parkway
GU1 1UP 

Welsh Open – September / October 2019 (TBC) 
Sports Wales National Centre
Sophia Gardens
CF11 9SW

UK Open - 2 Days - 9th & 10th November 2019
INCLUDING a Showcase Event, to be announced
make sure you don't miss this one

Guildford Spectrum Parkway



    TKD IMPACT 2018
Kilburn tkd interclub champion  

Interclub League 2019 Cancel 
  Interclub League 2018   
     Interclub League 2017 
     Interclub League 2016 
    Interclub League 2015
    Interclub League 2014
   Interclub League 2013
Interclub League 2012 (Brighton)

    June 2017

                 4th   of   June     2017  yellow & green belt (kids only)
                 11th of   June     2017  blue & Red belt (kids only)
                 25th  of  June     2017  age's 13 to 17 and Adults 

                  Black belt grading (TBA)
                   London open 

Interclub competition 
School points results 
Yellow and green belt 
1.Kilburn  95
2.Croydon 54
3.Brigthon 32
4.Banstead 27
5.East Grinstead 18
6. Battersea  13
7.Kensington 13
8.Extreme 10
9.Hounslow 7
10.Burgess hill 6
11.Highbury 6

                                                        What a fantastic year thank you 2015 

TKD School 2015CompetitorsBronze MedalSilver MedalGold MedalOverall IndTOTAL POINTSAverage Points per Student
Thames Valley261177 461.77
Didcot11757 383.45
Vision Academy9636 303.33
Learn TKD12336 272.25
Pantera11753 262.36
Total TKD105331232.30
Synergy12344 231.92
JAJE-CAAN4125 205.00
South Devon11424 201.82
Senshi Martial Arts4134 194.75
Cardiff University5243 193.80
Vale TKD6514 193.17
Fleur-de-Lis (TKD Wales)6252 183.00
Focus TKD8850 182.25

Welsh Open – Saturday 30th May 2015

Sports Wales National Centre

Sophia Gardens


CF11 9SW 

London Open - Sunday 12th July 2015

Guildford Spectrum Parkway



GU1 1UP 

Scottish Open – Saturday 26th September 2015
Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility
1 O’Donnell Way
ML1 2TZ*
*If this Postcode does not work in your satnav please use ML1 2TX

UK Open - 2 Days - 31st October & 1st November 2015

Guildford Spectrum Parkway





League 2015 - Total Points

School                                            Y/G Under 13's B/R Under 13's Juniors & Adults         Total

Kilburn                                                    94                         45                              21                  160

Brighton                                                    66                         40                              46                  152

Kensington                                                51                         40                              35                  126

Battersea                                             53                  22                               15                   90

Croydon                                                     45                  25                               14                   84

Banstead                                             27                   0                                41                       68

East Grinstead                                           39                  13                                  7                        59

Epsom                                                        50                    0                                  0                    50

Hounslow                                              17                          0                                   0                    17

Spirit TKD                                              16                    0                                   0                    16

Highbury                                                       9                    0                                    0                   

Overall School                   KILBURN IN TOP 10  WELL DONE

TKD SchoolCompetitorsBronze MedalSilver MedalGold MedalOverall IndTOTAL POINTSAverage Points per Student
Vision Academy39151616 952.44
Thames Valley291178 491.69
CBS136610 483.69
Fleur-de-Lis (TKD Wales)181065 372.06
Synergy TKD251244 321.28
Vale TKD187061281.56
Caterham & Worthing94241232.56
ITF Fusion41151215.25
Absolute TKD61151213.50
Kilburn15225 211.40

European Championships:

 One of our students, Kristine Evio was selected to represent England for the 3rd time. Kristine was selected to represent England for the European Championships held in Italy earlier this April. Kristine won Silver for Team Special Technique and became European Champion for Team Power. A great success from England who was ranked 7th place in Europe. Overall England successfully won 3 Golds, 4 Silvers, and 3 Bronze medals.

Overall Interclub competition:

Kilburn have won the Impact interclub shield for the second time in a row. We had an overall of 144 points from the past three competitions.

Under 13 Yellow and Green belts: 109 points
Under 13 Blue and Red belts: 21 points
Juniors and Adults: 14 points

Inter club Competition  1st March 2014

Yellow tag to Green tag

The first Impact League Competition of the season was held on 1st March 2014 for the Under 13's yellow tag to green tag 73 competitors from 8 schools.the students compete to earn point for their school 
league table

School.                Points

1.Kilburn.               109
2.Battersea.            60
3.Banstead.             49
4.Brighton.               47
5.Croydon.               45
6.Kensington.           40
7.East grinstead.      38
8.Sprit tkd.                22

The Overall individual Winner of the Competition was Jevhon Christie from Kilburn tkd 

UKTA Open 2013

Kilburn TKD sent away 7 students, to the UKTA Open 2013 and came back with 6 Golds, 4 Silver, and 1 Bronze. There was over 500 competitors from England, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Slovenia, Netherlands, Cyprus. Kilburn TKD did extremely well, and hopefully next competition there will be more medal/s.

    Kristine Evio - Gold Sparring, Gold 1st Degree Patterns.
    Alex Evio - Gold Special tech, Silver 1st Degree Patterns, Bronze Sparring.
    Jakhob Kovoma - Silver Sparring.
    James Kovoma - Gold Sparring.
    Elenore Rayner - Gold Sparring, Silver Adult Red Belt Patterns.

   A huge well done to everyone that took part, and won a medal/s, you did Kilburn TKD proud.

ITF World Championships 2013

Kristine Evio and the rest of the England travelled to Benidorm, Spain representing their country. This has to had to be one of the most successful World Championships England has ever had. England brought home 3x Gold medals, 1x Silver and 5x Bronzes. 

Medals won by England:
Matt Cadle - Gold Senior Male -63kgs Sparring
Team Power - Gold Senior Male ( Luke Thompson, Nicholas Edmunds, Shane O'Rouke, Stainslaw, Piotr Capaja, Zak Espi)
Team Pattern - Gold Junior Male ( Josh Wadey, Daniel Lobley, Zack Leberl, Tim Lobley, Todd Gillespie, Tom Davies)
Kristine Evio - Silver Junior Female Power Test
Isabelle Brider - Bronze Junior Female -50kgs Sparring
Tom Davies - Bronze Junior Male -50kgs Sparring
Team Sparring - Bronze Junior Male ( Daniel Lobley, Josh Wadey, George Hadrys, James Padula, Todd Gillespie, Tim Lobely)
Team Patterns - Bronze Senior Male ( Michael Pernikis, Reuben Williams, Stanislaw Wozniak, Tom Nicholson, Luke Thompson)
Team Power - Bronze Junior Female ( Addisa Pickett, Melina Notidou, Kristine Evio)

Kilburn won the TKD Impact League Shield 2013. 

          Kilburn TKD managed to win 1st place, with 211 points in total. 
          Here are the points scored for the following category's:

          Under 13's Yellow/Green: 109 points
          Under 13's Blue/Red: 63 points
          Juniors 13-17 yrolds: 22 points
          Adults: 6 points

          Kilburn TKD did extremely well, and get to keep the shield for a year.
          Hopefully Kilburn TKD do well again, to win the title for the following year. 

England win 6 medals at the European Championships

The AETF European Championships were held in Sweden on 3rd-5th May 2013. England won 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals. It was mainly an inexperienced team with many of our competitors were competing in a European Championships for the first time.
Although the England team didn't get as many medals as we would have liked, there were some outstanding performances that gave them a lot of reasons to feel positive about the future. Five of the members where from TKD Impact: Alex Nardizzi, Callum Clarke, Jennifer Pena, James Padula and Kristine Evio.

Kristine did very well winning 2 Bronze medals. She won a Bronze for Junior Female Power Test. She broke all the boards with turning kick and side kick but unfortunately failed to break with knifehand strike which would have put her in contention for a Gold medal.

Medals won by England:
Tim Nicholson - Silver Senior Male 4th Degree Pattern
Kelly Brennan - Silver Junior Female -45kgs Sparring
Bethany Hodkinson - Bronze Junior Female -60kgs Sparring
Kristine Evio - Bronze Junior Female Power Test
Laura Fox - Bronze Senior Female -62kgs Sparring
Team Pattern - Bronze Junior Female Pattern Team
(Alexandra Haymes, Isabel Brider, Kristine Evio, Philine Wasenaar, Kelly Brennan, Nermeen Hilton)

Happy New Year 



first of fourth events of the year 

20th of February Saturday 
TKD  impact Academy 
yellow & green tag only

English open 2016

19th colour belt 20th March black belt (UKTA)

11th of June Welsh Open (UKTA)

10th of July London open (UKTA)

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Upcoming Events

FEB   06      
Master Nardizzi - Patterns Seminar Impact Academy

FEB 13     
 Squad Session - Junior & Senior Impact Academy

FEB 21       
Colour belt - Kensington sport centre W11

FEB 27
                   Squad Session - Junior & Senior Impact Academy

MAR 05    
 Squad Session - Junior & Senior Impact Academy